All-In-One reliable cloud contact center platform.

Start your true cloud contact center platform. Let your call center deployed in few hours.

What We Do

From inbound IVR to predictive outbound campaigns through quality monitoring, Foniva's turnkey contact center software will optimize agent productivity, reduce operation costs and maximize your revenue.

Our platform will quickly scale to better meet the endless needs in the typical call center environment. Based on a multisite architechture, the contact center suite provides a set of tools to better serve the manager, the agents and the calling customers.

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Our Platform Components

Contact Center Software

Foniva Contact Center Software is a complete all in one platform designed for on-site, outsourcing and hosted contact centers.

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Outbound Dialer

Foniva platform provides outbound dialer functionality that provides the capabilities to make outbound telemarketing, sales, collection calls ...

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Interactive Voice Response

Foniva Interactive Voice Response functionality allows contact centers to interact with callers and customers through their voice and keyboard inputs.

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Automatic Call Distribution

Using criteria such as agents groups, skills or any logical expression, Foniva Automatic Call Distribution module connects customers waiting in a queue with the most qualified agent available.

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Quality Monitoring

Foniva Quality Monitoring module is a systematic monitoring and evaluation system that reports various aspects of the contact center.

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Enterprise IP PBX

Foniva IP Telephony provides key features like IP (VOIP) communications, standard open protocol (SIP, IAX, H323), e-mail integration ...

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