Human Resources Optimized

Optimizing the use of resources is a key point in the success and profitability of a call center.

Thus, it is essential to observe, plan and control key indicators of this use.
The Foniva platform allows you to do this through modules of forecasting, scheduling schedules and control of adherence.

Agent Scheduling

The scheduling module provide the option of defining and applying a predefined shift to a specific agent, group or team.
Each agent is allowed to view upcoming schedule, events and make requests.

Adherence Monitoring

Once agents schedules definied, the adherence monitoring tool gives a quick and detailled view of non compliant events, late agents, overtime etc.
Managers can set alarms and threshold allowing them to react fast to important schedule violations.


Each call center should have well defined goals and KPI.
Foniva Forecasting Tool helps running multiple scenarios for differents objectives while optimizing the needed human and technical resources.