Send the right call to the right agent

Quickly and efficiently distribute incoming calls to agents is critical in any contact center environment.

Using criteria such as agents groups, skills or any logical expression, Foniva Automatic Call Distribution module connects customers waiting in a queue with the most qualified agent available.

Agents Management

The intuitive and completely web based manager interface is just one way Foniva Contact Center Software simplifies agents management.

  • Web based management
  • Agents groups
  • Agents skills
  • Multi tenancy
  • Auto-ready mode
  • No wrap-up mode

Queues Management

In a busy contact center where the resources (material and human) are limited, all calls can obviously not answered immediately.
The queuing system is important to allow callers to wait while an agent becomes available.
On the Foniva ACD's platform, several features are available to effectively manage the queues.

  • Multi tenancy
  • Divers distribute strategies
  • Maximum waiting people
  • Queue Abandon DTMF code
  • Agent select criteria based on any combinaison of skills & groups
  • Call filtering
  • Custom music on hold
  • Custom audio file to play to agents
  • Custom advertisement while waiting
  • Periodic waiting time announcement