• Cloud Contact Center Platform

    Foniva's turnkey contact center platform will optimize agent productivity, reduce operation costs and maximize your revenue.

    • Inbound Customer Service
    • Outbound Dialing
    • Setup in less than 10 minutes
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  • Outbound Dialer

    Use the full power of the most complete, integrated outbound dialer.

    • Predictive, Progressive, Preview modes
    • Customizable dialing goals
    • High efficiency, AMD, Fax filtering
    • External database & CRM integration
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  • Interactive Voice Response

    Create an interactive voice response system for your business in a matter of minutes.

    • Built-in graphical call flow designer
    • Built-in graphical call flow designer
    • Generic external database interface
    • Embedded sub call flow & many nodes
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  • Automatic Call Distribution

    Quickly and easily route inbound traffic to your agents.

    • Auto attendant features
    • Group or Skill based routing
    • Scheduled routing, Call filtering, Callbacks
    • Customizable agent screens
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  • Quality Monitoring

    Use most innovative monitoring tools.

    • Full calls recording
    • Live agents, campaigns monitoring
    • Automatic agents & campaigns evaluation
    • Built-in agents & queues reports
    • External customizable reporting API
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Start your true cloud contact center platform.
Let your call center deploy in rapidly.

What We Do

From inbound IVR to predictive outbound campaigns through quality monitoring, Foniva's turnkey contact center software will optimize agent productivity, reduce operation costs and maximize your revenue.

Our platform will quickly scale to better meet the endless needs in the typical call center environment. Based on a multisite architechture, the contact center suite provides a set of tools to better serve the manager, the agents and the calling customers.

Contact Center Software

Foniva Contact Center Software is a complete all in one platform designed for on-site, outsourcing and hosted contact centers.

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Outbound Dialer

Foniva platform provides outbound dialer functionality that provides the capabilities to make outbound telemarketing, sales, collection calls ...

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Interactive Voice Response

Foniva Interactive Voice Response functionality allows contact centers to interact with callers and customers through their voice and keyboard inputs.

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Automatic Call Distribution

Using criteria such as agents groups, skills or any logical expression, Foniva Automatic Call Distribution module connects customers waiting in a queue with the most qualified agent available.

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Quality Monitoring

Foniva Quality Monitoring module is a systematic monitoring and evaluation system that reports various aspects of the contact center.

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Enterprise IP PBX

Foniva IP Telephony provides key features like IP (VOIP) communications, standard open protocol (SIP, IAX, H323), e-mail integration ...

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  • Centralized administration and unified communications.
  • Multi-channels interactiosn with blend inbound/outbound.
  • Improve local and remote agents productivity.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and service levels.

What people are saying

I am very pleased to be working with Foniva on various of our contact center projects; Their highly professional software engineers have in-depth software knowledge as well as full awareness of call center applications.

Konrad Okon, Innovate Business Technology